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Precision casting process and what are the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel

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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel precision casting and machining process:

Do the casting industry friends all know mechanical properties of stainless steel precision casting are higher than cast iron, but its casting property has some poor than cast iron, which belongs to the known precision casting and precision casting. Its melting point is higher relative to the other, and the liquid steel flow easily oxidation and molten steel difference, shrinkage, but from a practical point of view of stainless steel precision casting casting pipe not only is suitable for various types and various alloys.

Stainless steel precision casting process advantages and disadvantages: firstly, because of the fluidity of molten steel is poor, we in order to prevent the steel castings produced cold lap and misrun, steel casting wall thickness is not less than 8 mm; gating system to simple, and section size than cast iron by dry cast or large; hot mould; proper increase of pouring temperature, generally for 1520 DEG to 1600 DEG C, because of high temperature casting, molten steel overheating degree, keep the liquid for long time, liquidity can be improved.

But the pouring temperature is too high, will cause the coarse grain, hot cracking, porosity and sticky sand defects. Therefore the general small, thin wall and complex shaped castings, the casting temperature is about steel melting temperature of +150 DEG C; pouring temperature of large, thick walled casting than its melting point higher than 100 DEG C.

In order to prevent stainless steel precision casting shrinkage hole and crack phenomenon, we must take these steps to make it uniform wall thickness, but also avoid the sharp angle and a right angle structure, also need to add sawdust in the cast by type, coke is added in the core, finally also need to adopt a hollow core and oil sands the core to change the sand mold or core collapsibility and air permeability.

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