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Swivel jaw uses

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Point supported glass curtain wall is mainly composed of Bojie claws, connector, adaptor and other components, Bojie claws as the main supporting joint load transfer effect, and to support structural system fixed, Bojie claws in glass curtain wall plays a very important connection fittings. With joint load for steel structure or other main structure on the mechanical properties of the transfer, it is particularly important to the.

Use the connection claw connection glass curtain wall because there is no wall, daylighting is good, but the indoor space and outdoor space people have a sense of com., appearance looks very transparent. The commonly used for connecting claw from the appearance can be divided into four claw, three claw, two claw, 90 degrees, 180 degrees two claws, long single claw, short single claw. Usually the curtain wall center position will choose four claw to cohesion, rarely three jaw universal market use, unless some comparison can be special projects to the cohesion of curtain wall corners, usually with 90 DEG and 180 DEG two claw two in a lot of, from the beautiful angle speaking, generally 90 degrees two claw will and long single claw with use, 180 degrees two claw and a short single claw rank then use. And the light is not only the glass cohesion Bojie claws, and a very important connection thing joint, and the joint quality is also directly and glass curtain wall hook.

Point supported glass curtain wall and the connecting claw connection there is a connector, adaptor to and other rod welding, these three things is called a complete set of glass curtain wall to absolute effect. They make our glass curtain wall more robust, more wind resistance pressure is more secure.

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